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Some clips from wedding videos done since 2000. Enjoy the view!

On your special day, wedding videographers should treat the ceremony with the dignity and respect it deserves.
After all, it's the reason your closest family and friends have gathered to celebrate and is the most important “one-take” video you’ll ever have done.
Reputable wedding videographers should also know how to capture your once in a lifetime moment flawlessly and in crystal clear 1080p HD.
He also knows how to ensure that the entire video is something you’re going to enjoy viewing many times over for many years to come.
Even the Standard-Definition video above is an example of that quality. After viewing, have some of your questions answered by visiting our Q&A page.
And, to view more video examples of our work in the High-Definition format, visit our HD Video gallery page.

Wedding Video images from the 2004 wedding of Julie & Seth Ellis in Chapel Hill, NC
Julie & Seth
Rated amongst the best of NC,SC,VA & GA
wedding videographers, we travel to popular
wedding sites on the East Coast & Southeast.
Click any of these wedding video images
to see our work on our "Newlywed Pages" or
visit our HD Video Gallery.

Wedding Video images from the 2010 wedding of Jeremy and Ashley Joyner in Goldsboro, NC
Jeremy & Ashley
Wedding Video images from the 2003 wedding of Wendy & David Barclay in Durham, NC
Wendy & David
Wedding Video images from the 2002 wedding of Derek & Alana Mitchell in Danville, VA
Derek & Alana
Wedding Video images from the 2000 wedding of John & Theresa Golinvaux in Danville, VA
John & Theresa
Wedding Video images from the 2002 wedding of Tina & Tanko Braimah in Rocky Mount, NC
Tina & Tanko
Wedding Video images from the 2002 wedding of Kellie & Stephen Kelbaugh in Clayton, NC
Kellie & Stephen
Wedding Video images from the 2002 wedding of Beth & David Nackashi in Raleigh, NC
David & Beth
Maree & Gerry Watkins 2002 Wedding video images - Chapel Hill, NC
Maree & Gerry
Kacey & Trevin Colbert 2001 Wedding - Richmond, VA
Kacey & Trevin
Sherri & Tres Hill 2001 Wedding Video images - Wilson's Mills, NC
Sherri & Tres
Dennis & Johanna Westlake 2001 Wedding Video images - Durham, NC
Dennis & Johanna
Beth & Steve Watson 2001 Wedding Video images - Raleigh, NC
Beth & Steve
Susan & Hunter Canp 2001 Wedding - Red Oak, NC
Susan & Hunter
Aida & Tegegne 2001 Wedding Video images - Raleigh, NC
Aida & Tegegne
Stephanie & Justin Dash 2001 Wedding Video images- Clayton, NC
Stephanie & Justin

Ann & Hans Linnartz 2001 Wedding video images - Raleigh, NC
Ann & Hans

Hope & Patrick Graney 2001 Wedding Video images - Raleigh, NC
Hope & Patrick
  Call us soon after your date is set to ensure our availability on your special day.
For even MORE archived wedding video images, click here.

Let's face it. Wedding videographers are quite easy to come by. Experienced videographers are not.
For many years brides & grooms in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia
have entrusted their HD wedding videographer responsibilities
to a professional with 25+ years of full-time video production experience.
You can too. Here are some reasons why:
Unlike some wedding videographers, HD wedding videography and the production of
wedding videos, DVDs & Blu-Ray discs is our business, not a weekend hobby.
We have broadcast-style video/DVD & High-Definition Blu-Ray production equipment,
a big consideration since your wedding will be on DVD and Blu-Ray disc.
We don't have several wedding videographers doing multiple events...we just have one that concentrates on yours.
The HD wedding videographer who has his eye in the camera viewfinder on your wedding day
has been operating made-for-broadcast, high-resolution video equipment and producing videos since the 1980's.
We work closely with your wedding planners and other wedding service providers.
We take the video from your wedding day and "polish" it with editing, graphics, titles,
theme music, closing credits and other special effects to make it broadcast-quality.
Our experience & professionalism can shorten your "Wedding Day Worries" list.

Our promise to you is this:
We'll produce for you the very best all-inclusive wedding video package you'll find anywhere.
Our Q&A page details our multi-camera video production packages.

The best wedding videographers schedule well in advance, so contact us soon after
your wedding date is set to ensure our availability on your special day.
Call (919)553-8988 or email

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The still images in this filmstrip are freeze-frames from actual wedding videos and DVD's.  More wedding video & DVD images are viewable by simply clicking any of the Bride & Groom images to your right.  You'll be led to Wedding Day web pages we construct for all newlyweds.  The images you'll see are representative of our quality video work.

The images above are actual video freeze-frames, not scanned 35mm photos

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